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We don’t have branches (because you don’t need branches). Silveracess runs entirely on your phone (with an internet connection) and we’ll deliver your debit card to any address in Spain. Because we don’t have branches, we save a lot of money. That’s how we can afford to pay you more interest than most banks and charge so little.

We charge 5% fees for international transaction only before you can send your money.

local transaction we don’t charge fees 

Everything else is free – using your account, using your Silveracess Card and withdrawing cash from our partner ATMs.

Like regular banks, we make money by using collective deposits to make investments backed by the government. We also make money from commission on Internet service purchases and from service fees sellers pay us when people like you shop with your Silveracess Card. In the future, we will make money from interest paid on loans.

Yes, we give loans and you’ll be able to get one automatically if you use your Silveracess account regularly.

To open a Silveracess account, you must be at least 18 years old and you must have an email address and a phone number.

Yes, your money is safe with us. We secure all accounts with the same high-security encryption used by regular banks. For extra protection, we insure every deposit you make into your Silveracess account.

You can request an account statement for a specific time period.

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